UKCAT Quantitative Reasoning: (450+ Questions)

- Learn key formulas you need at your fingertips

   in order to dramatically improve your speed.
- Learn time saving strategies to answer the limited

  number of simple calculations most questions will ask.

UKCAT Situational Judgement Test: (50+ Questions)

- Learn to determine the appropriateness and

  importance of actions & responses in clinical situations
- Learn what values and attributes of a doctor are

  being tested for in the SJT​

​​UKCAT Decision Analysis: (300+ Questions)

- Learn to identify question types and tips

  to eliminate options
- Step by step strategies to reach the correct answer.
- Practice interpreting codes and become fast

  at reaching answers.
- Learn all 3 question types: interpret codes,

  create codes and deduce the missing new word.


Time saving exam tips and technique to boost your scores

​Details explanations of each answer

2000+ questions & solutions/explanations

3 mock exams - 2015 format

Cover all question types likely to come up

​Score Analysis & Metrics

Verbal Reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning

Abstract Reasoning

​Decision Analysis

​Mock exams

2000+ QTNS

Mirrors UKCAT question style & difficulty

Covers every UKCAT questions type

​Easy to follow explanations

92%of our students score above 630 EVERY YEAR


The only course to give a you a


UKCAT Abstract reasoning: (300+ Questions)                                                 
- Learn top 30 key UKCAT question types

  to become comfortable with knowing what to look for.

- Familiarise yourself with complicated data sets

  with 2-3 relationships present in one set.

- Strategies to instantly give you an idea of the

  relationship between the shapes.

- Learn key patterns which will  slash time

  spent looking for relationships.

timed format

Improve your speed & confidence with timed papers

The real UKCAT test is online, so practice online too!

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They say you can’t prepare for the UKCAT exam as it’s a ‘natural aptitude’ test and there is no knowledge requirement or defined curriculum.

This is not strictly true – the more you practice, the faster you get - and speed is crucial as you are expected to cover 173 questions in 93 minutes. That is about one question every 32 seconds!!

There are multiple passages, tables, graphs, shapes and scenarios to cover as well in this time, so it helps to be familiar with tackling UKCAT questions at a fast pace.

Not preparing at all or only using UKCAT practice books will leave you well short of the mark. 

What's inside Ace the UKCAT?



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​​UKCAT Verbal reasoning: (750+ Questions)

- Learn the UKCAT meaning of when an answer is

  true, false or can’t tell.
- Strategies on scanning a passage and finding

  relevant information quickly.
- Learn to logically deduce information from a passage,
- Recognise and deal decisively with tricky statements

  that are designed to confuse and distract you.
- Become sensitive to subtleties in language

  that can result is drastically different answers.
- Tips on eliminating options, recognise different

  forms of statements and deal with extreme statements. ​